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Every person should have access to safe, equitable and sustainable infrastructure. REINS® is a supportive digital community that fosters good governance and civic duty to achieve unique solutions and goals for people, neighborhoods, districts, and countries.

REINS® is the infrastructure app if you are looking to grow and develop your workforce, solve critical project challenges, locate your company employees in a vibrant innovation ecosystem, or have your college students better prepared than others for the real work environment.

  • Research
  • Engage Talent
  • Develop your employees
  • Enhance your brand national and international
  • Accelerate your business
  • Support and collaborate with your peers and experts
  • Help your students become better prepared for a work environment
  • Solve a one-off project hurdle and save time, money and avoid mental health concerns
  • Governments being accountable and effective with infrastructure projects
  • Deploy infrastructure with decreased cost over runs
I did not receive the OTP code to sign up

Some countries have restrictions. Please contact us at [email protected] and provide the name of the country in the email. We work with our one-time password code provider and governments to ensure country compliance.

At sign up why do I have to provide an email and phone number?

The sign-up process is to ensure authentication of users and Experts on the REINS® App. To avoid breach of content, scams, and bots we have chosen the sign in method to include an email and mobile phone number, this is to ensure all users of REINS® are legitimate individuals.

How do I know I signed up?

A Welcome email will be sent to the registered email from [email protected]. If you don't see the email then check the spam or junk folders. Try signing in and check you have the correct username you sign up under.

Did not receive the Welcome email from REINS®

Check that you have provided the correct email address. If not please email [email protected].

What is a Web App?

A web application is an application software that runs on a web server. A user only needs a web browser and an active Internet connection to gain access. Currently we are working on the web app version.

What is the audio recording button for in the REINS® App?

For the end user accessibility, convenience, and safety we have added this feature. Let’s face it - sometimes it is just easier to have a conversation through voice message than typing on the go!

Why are Users anonymous?

We designed REINS® with one goal- to meet users where THEY are, at the comfort level THEY’RE at. Our anonymity feature does exactly that. Whether you’re in college looking for industry insight, stuck on how to approach a work project, or a seasoned industry professional looking to take your career to the next level, REINS® guarantees you help.

How do I know if I meet the requirements to be a REINS® Mentor?

We usually ask our Mentors to have experience in their field of 10+ years to ensure Users get the highest standard of advice available. While everyone from all Infrastructure related fields are encouraged (example lawyers, financial advisors, real estate developers and those in the AEC and Planning fields) to apply, the Expert/Mentors are vetted through an interview process and application form. Sinc we are providing global expertise we check the identity and qualifications of those requesting to be Experts either through a video conference call or a face to face meeting. Currently, Expert time is voluntary however as REINS' user base, activity and investor capital increase the finanacial direction may change.

How can I apply to be a REINS® Certified Expert/Mentor?

Click on “Request to be a Mentor” and continue with creating your profile. Once you submit your profile, our team will send you an interview form. If approved based on your responses, you will receive a final onboarding email with a REINS® Certified Mentor Certificate attached. You will then be able to enable your Expert/Mentor account.

What is the purpose of the Mentor/User relationship?

Experts/Mentors will assist REINS® users in the process of identifying or investigating a particular career field, offer alternative approaches to problem solving in a current field of interest to the user in which the mentor has specific expertise, and general industry/field knowledge. Mentors and users will immediately contact the REINS® team at [email protected] regarding any professional difficulties or conflicts. REINS® will not be liable for any mentor-user team relationship beyond the app.

Is posting personal information within the REINS® App ok?

NO. REINS® does not allow personal information, including contact information to be shared on our web app. If you would like to move off REINS® to a more direct relationship with a Mentor, their Name and About page has sufficient information to find them off our forum.

Who do I contact if I’m having account issues?

Email [email protected] is the proper way to get a hold of any of our support staff. Simply send us an email detailing your issue and we will be in contact.

Is it ok to create multiple accounts?

Your phone number is linked to one account. If you have two phone numbers, you could technically create both a User and a Mentor account under each number. You cannot create two accounts linked to one phone number.

Why does the REINS® mobile version look different on my tablet?

REINS® currently has been designed as mobile app. This means the user interface and functions are optimized and appear better on a phone or tablet. We are working on a web app version. To stay connected and posted on REINS®' latest features click on the Updates tab of the mobile app or click on REINS®.

I posted a question in public accidentally. Is there a way to make it private?

While you can make a question public from private in My Account by clicking the 3 dots in the right-hand corner of the question, there is not an option to make private your public question. Once it’s posted publicly, both user and mentors can view it until you delete it in My Account. Private questions posted to a mentor/s can be seen by the mentor/s it is intended for.

What does liking a question or answer do?

Liking anything on the REINS® web app is for users and mentors to see how popular or useful the question is, or the mentor’s response is. Liking a mentor’s response essentially rates them as a mentor.

I’m an Expert/Mentor. What can I like, answer, and favorite?

As a mentor, you can like, favorite, and answer questions by a user. You cannot like or favorite other mentor’s answers to a question. The purpose at REINS® is to emphasize the vertical relationship between mentor and mentee, instead of accessing the horizontal relationship between mentors.

I’m a Questioner/User on REINS®, what can I like, comment on, and favorite?

As a user you can like and favorite any questions or answers. Favoriting the question allows you to see the question thread in your Bookmarks. Favoriting an answer from the Answer Stream favorites that Mentor in your Bookmarks tab.

REINS® App updates and compatibility

Updates will be deployed periodically. Updates occur because of IOS and Android operating system patches etc. Compatibility information is provided in the app stores. The REINS® app version can be found in app stores and in the REINS® app menu then About tab. If the app on the phone is not updating check the phone settings and try accessing the App or Google Play store and Update.

How do I favorite a Mentor and what does that do?

You can favorite a mentor by favoriting their answer through a question thread tile, or by favoriting their answer directly through the Answer Stream. The Bookmarks tab is where you can see the Mentor’s details and have them saved as a Mentor you frequently ask questions to.

What are things to look forward to on the REINS® app
REINS® was always imagined as a mobile app. To give you full functionality, complete with a Mentors tab to explore, and more Account Settings for accessibility.
‘Error Undefined’ pops up when I register and move around the webapp. Is this a problem?

If you log in to your REINS® account with different devices, this message will pop up. The web app is designed, for your account to be paired with one device at a time. This pop up can be ignored and will not affect your account or web app experience.


On the AECP tab there is advertising space. Click on the REINS® site and read about Partnerships and Advertising on the mobile app. We would be happy to custom quote for advertising space on the app. Or contact [email protected]. REINS® is the go-to site for Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Planning industries. An advantage of advertising with REINS® is that we don’t accept spammy ads, we simply rotate your ad in our web app – you will have national and international access with the goal to support and collaborate with potential clients, young professional, advocates, relevant organizations, and institutions with the right audience.

RSS Feed

We try to update the Feed tab of the app once a week. If you have suggested reads, sites, blogs or other social media links for the Feed, feel free to post publicly or privately in the app.

How many mentors can I ask a private question to?

You cannot exceed 5 mentors per question.

Stop notifications

You can toggle the notifications on /off in the Account settings gear then Notifications.

How do I add multiple files to my answer?

When attaching a file, hit ‘Ctrl’ and select as many files or images as you want. (Limit = 3 MB per file, 5 files, 10MB total).

Issue with REINS® app?

You can submit a Bug Report within the app under Account settings.

Where do I find the Expert/Mentor private questions?

Questions you have asked directly to Experts/Mentors are in the Account My Questions then the Private toggle. The location to read and respond to private/direct questions is different for Experts and Mentors - click the Inbox either on the Dashboard or the menu bar.

Want to invest in the REINS® start-up?
REINS® is the game changer for infrastructure globally. Looking to be a private investor, angel investor, provide seed funding, offer advice, or be a partner? Contact [email protected].