REINS® is an infrastructure question-and-answer business tool. Our platform is designed to break down the silos between the infrastructure stakeholders and the subject matter experts. We help create a searchable knowledge base from the questions posed on the platform.

We are a consolidated infrastructure resource for best practices, research, and knowledge.

Infrastructure is defined as basic physical structures and facilities such as ports, buildings, roads, power supplies, railways, airports, bridges, broadband, water, and sewer systems. These are fundamental facilities and systems supporting a country, city, or area providing the movement of goods and services and economic growth.

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Every person globally should have access to safe, equitable, and sustainable infrastructure. REINS® is a supportive digital community for infrastructure fostering good governance and civic duty to share knowledge on unique solutions and goals for people, neighborhoods, districts, and countries.

REINS® is the infrastructure app if you are looking to grow and develop your workforce, solve critical project challenges, locate your company employees in a vibrant innovation ecosystem, or have your college students better prepared than others for the real work environment.

  • Support and collaborate with your peers as an expert with other experts in other disciplines
  • Solve a one-off project hurdle and save time, money and avoid mental health concerns
  • Governments being accountable and effective with infrastructure projects
  • Deploy infrastructure with decreased cost overruns with shared knowledge
Build America USDOT and REINS App Infrastructure Expert

Thanks to Ameera Sayeed, AICP, and REINS® App for conducting an insightful interview with Executive Director Morteza Farajian. He discussed the Bureau's low interest, long-term financing, technical assistance programs, and expanded new programs.

Build America Bureau at the U.S Department of Transportation.
REINS App and Kristina Wright Infrastructure Expert

"Love this app, Ameera. Exceptional work. "

Kristina Wright, CNU-A, MAURP, FRA-RA
Rebel and Jim Ziglar and REINS App Infrastructure Expert

"Rebel Jim Ziglar was interviewed by REINS® app about the US Infrastructure Bill, in this video, he answers questions such as what can be expected over the next eight years of the Bill."

Rebel - Business analysis & evaluation, partnership consulting & contracts, financial advice & modeling, and investments & fund management.

As a starting out young planner, I had the opportunity to learn from and ask for advice from many talented and caring leaders in the planning field. These experts assisted me with a focused course that lent stability to my career. In time, great experts can positively influence and support the AEC and Planning industries whereby we gain better planners, engineers, architects, and infrastructure professionals. In our current fast-paced work conditions, we do not have the luxury to build networking relationships that last decades.

The REINS® App provides an excellent opportunity to fill this void. The infrastructure community can ask questions they otherwise would not ask. REINS® intends to build a community for infrastructure professionals and advocates. REINS® provides you with established certified leaders and subject matter Experts to help you solve your infrastructure problem or gain confidence and advice. REINS® is the resource for infrastructure coaching and career building. Our mission is to equip anyone related to the field of infrastructure, suppliers, vendors, data, materials, architects, planners, managers, and engineers with the platform in which they have the freedom to ask questions without judgment; the freedom to ask.

Ameera Sayeed, CEO & Founder

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A global leader in infrastructure knowledge and expertise. Share information, get expert knowledge, and inspire solutions to build sustainable infrastructure.

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Mobilizing every infrastructure organization and professional globally to ask, respond, solve and increase efficiency.

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"REINS® is a transdisciplinary infrastructure platform connecting stakeholders to Experts globally."
Ameera Sayeed, CEO & Founder REINS®

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Modernizing how we exchange ideas to help solve infrastructure problems.