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"It is the advice and experience of the Experts that are important when problem-solving and conducting due diligence in real-time."

"We live in a knowledge economy, all of which is funded by expert knowledge."
-Robert C. Post, Yale Law school

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Our Experts maximize the social value of infrastructure globally through questioning and responses. They are helping achieve positive outcomes and decisions in future infrastructure.

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REINS App Infrastructure Expert

Ameera Sayeed, AICP is a Transportation Planning Consultant for the architecture, engineering, construction, and planning industry.

Ameera Sayeed, AICP - CEO and Founder REINS® Inc.
REINS App Infrastructure Expert

"30+ years in Central Florida Transportation. Member of AICP & APA, Serves on National Committees AMPO& Executive Director Committee of NARC, Serves on UCF Planning Advisory Board & Wekiva River Basin Commission

Gary Huttmann, AICP, Executive Director MetroPlan Orlando
REINS App Infrastructure Expert

"You got to work with someone who wants to give you free reins in things you want to learn."

Ananth Prasad, P.E., Florida Transportation Builders Association
REINS App Infrastructure Expert

"I think the electrification of our fleet is going to be a game changer...and eventually, we are going to see more automation. It's going to be an opportunity for people with disabilities and the elderly."

Denise Bunnewith, Planning Director North Florida TPO, retired
REINS App Infrastructure Expert

"Always think of yourself as a leader. think of yourself as a relevant voice in the process - regardless of where you are on a team."

Chris Flagg, FALSA
REINS App Infrastructure Expert

"Charlie is our first expert in Construction Management. He is a certified general contractor and the Division lead in Construction at Haskell."

Charlie Rocheleau, University of Florida, BS in Construction Management
REINS App Infrastructure Expert

"Planning is really a profession for futurists and idealists...we shape what our communities can become."

Dennis Smith, AICP
REINS App Infrastructure Expert

"Planning by its nature and what is intended requires an interdisciplinary approach, and I found that very interesting."

Gary Huttmann, AICP

"Over 25 years of public and private sector experience with predisaster mitigation and demand management."

Dennis Smith, AICP
REINS App Infrastructure Expert

" Over 25 years serving as a financial advisor, an investment banker, a derivatives marketer, and a management consultant. Currently, Jim is working on a number of innovative transactions, including P3s, closed financings, early-stage development projects, and restructurings for water, rail, and education projects."

Jim Ziglar Jr. Financial Advisor
REINS App Infrastructure Expert

"That's the constant message. This is what I preach to my colleagues, peers and new students is that we have to be more politically active."

Ananth Prasad, P.E. Former FDOT Secretary
REINS App Infrastructure Expert

"You're most creative when you can be creative within a box."

Chris Flagg, FASLA
REINS App Infrastructure Expert

"A strong background in the study of corrosion and environmental degradation of engineered materials. He has been an expert witness on several cases involving the failure of materials, components, structures, industrial equipment, and accident reconstruction."

Adil Khan, Senior Principal Engineer
REINS App Infrastructure Expert

"I'm a strong advocate of trusting people, giving them the skills to do their job through professional development."

Dennis Smith, AICP and FSU Professor of Urban and Regional Planning
REINS App Infrastructure Expert

"Transportation planner and supervisor for 34 years working on community development."

Laurie Santana, AICP
REINS App Infrastructure Expert

"Over two decades of leadership experience at the Navy Nuclear Power Program works at the FDOT as the Asset Maintenance Administrator and has been teaching for over 20 years."

Dr. Richard Bame
REINS App Infrastructure Expert

"That's what's so wonderful about planning - you can't pigeonhole it. You can't put it in a box. It's so broad."

Wiatt Bowers, AICP, Director Planning
REINS App Infrastructure Expert

"Regional Manager with experience in review design exception and design variation submittals. Review Community Aesthetic feature submittals. Review and update criteria as required.."

Maria Overton, PE, CPM, University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez
REINS App Infrastructure Expert

"Paradigm Shifter, Change Shepherd, Silo Bridger, and Polymath at CREWS, LLC, Researcher at UCF."

Patricia Tice, Ph.D., PE, AICP, UF Postdoctoral Researcher
REINS App Infrastructure Expert

"11 years of public agency, private sector, and academic experience in the transportation industry, all of which in the Intelligent Transportation Systems, Traffic Engineering, and Transportation Planning sectors."

Kris Milster, PE, PTOE
Continued Education Provider

As a REINS® expert and mentor your REINS® certification is still valid and you may continue to self-report continuing education credits. We are an AICP continued education provider. Our latest efforts are waiting for approval certifications (LEED, PE). The desktop version is down for construction. In the meantime, download our new mobile version available on the App and Google Play stores and search for the REINS® app.